"After having open heart surgery, I was able to lose the weight I gained because of fluid retention in my body, but I still didn't feel good. My pulse was in the low 100's and by blood pressure was erratic. My Medical doctor increased my blood pressure medication, but that didn't seem to make any difference. I then decided to visit Tomiko at Integrative Body to see if she could help me on a "natural" type of solution. She did a lymphatic drainage treatment on my body. Five hours after that treatment, I felt as if my body was not swollen and I also checked my blood pressure and pulse and they were back to normal. 

I have been a patient of Integrative Body for 10 years and get treatments as needed. Each time I always feel better, learn more about how to listen to my body and I usually receive home exercises to keep myself healthy."

~Happy Patient

"I have been using MDT to heal my body since 2005. Previous to this I was not able to do many of the things that I loved without pain in multiple sites of my body. With an integrative approach to rehabilitation I learned how to read the signals of my body. Now, I'm am a much healthier as an adult than I was as a child. The combination of services that IBT offers has restored my belief in medicine. What I achieved through an integration of techniques over time is more than I've ever gotten from either conventional or alternative medicine alone and in tandem. I highly recommend IBT for overall better health. In short, this kind of medicine is simple and it makes sense. This helps me want to stay tuned in and turned on!"

~Happy Person ; )

"Thank you for your help. I feel like everything helped me out. I really appreciated you telling me how and why things were working as well as the body mechanics. I felt like I was aware and involved in what was going on. You and the clinic were great and kind, very friendly. It was very beneficial for me to learn the exercises and do them here. Thank you for all your help and patience."


"Thanks. Don't change. Remember your variety of therapies were all needed at different times. Your belief that life and functioning can be improved is priceless! NEVER let the idea that another professional (allied medical) knows the same information that you do. It's not true. Thanks! I've reversed something from 1988-90. Recovering function is great!"


"Thank you so much. As I said, it is truly a pleasure to have someone so gifted in a profession to work with. I am very glad you talked me into staying. It was one of the best decisions I could have made. I have a greater sense of security knowing I have someone to come to if I need it. The only thing you could do better is move to east county."


"I can't believe how fast and well my shoulder has recovered. Your kind yet persistent approach of not pushing too hard while not letting me slide has paid off.  I appreciate your cheerful and encouraging spirit and I am thankful I was referred to you. I have no suggestions on what you should change because I think you do good work. Thank you for helping me get my shoulder back."


"I appreciate all your help and knowledge. You explained things to me so that seemingly strange exercises made sense and my arm is much better. Thank you so much."

~Shoulder Relief

"Thanks. I like the way you connected with me. It made me want to come to this. Also, you are very encouraging. Thanks again.

~Happy Teenager

"Wow! I'm cured! Thanks so much. You did what you said you could and much more. I have a new respect for not only my back, but my body. I had doubts that I would be pain free when I started. You are an excellent teacher and patient therapist. Thanks again!


"I think I have learned so much about my muscles and body. I am walking almost normal again. Thank you for all your patience and great instruction. I think that a big part of my progress is re-education of my walking after years of giving into injuries."

~Regaining Function