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The following links are listed to provide you with additional online physical therapy and rehabilitation information and resources.

Improving Your Spinal Health:
McKenzie Institute International

The Benefits of Rolfing:
The Five Principles of Rolfing
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Rolfing: Like What the Heck is it?
Bodywork Techniques for Dancers

Manual Therapy:
Top 10 Massage Techniques
Types of Massage Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Physical Therapy:
Benefits of Physical Therapy
Types of Physical Therapy
Types of PT - Video and Articles
Science Clarified
WebMD - Types of PT

Physical Therapy Products:
Exercise Equipment and Physical Therapy Products
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products
Physical Therapy Equipment
Physical Therapy Products
Pro Therapy Supplies 

Whole Body Vibration:
A Revolutionary Technique
Benefits of Whole Vibration Therapy
MayoClinic - Whole Body Vibration, An Effective Workout?
The “Research” Behind the Hypergravity

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